Data Is The Lifeblood Of Any Event

We understand that the best databases are custom made, so we bring the power of bespoke data research to events and conferences.


The primary concern most event marketers need to resolve is the key market information they miss in the absence of an end-to-end research team.



We identify and verify the right delegates, speakers, and sponsors so your sales team knows exactly whom to approach. This in turn drives more ROI from your marketing and sales efforts.


We even go a step further and confirm registrations of delegates through emails and pre-sales calls.

What Is Included

Not just sourcing but confirming registrations as well!


 First we conduct company level research. We estimate the potential data to be built across various sources identified, and get this approved from the client.


Sourcing and building an industry specific list of Speakers, Delegates, Exhibitors & Sponsors, with all their contact details.


We Validate these contact details through an email validation system.


Send emails containing registration links to the validated contacts.


We make warm up or pre-sales calls asking if the person has received the email and also answer general queries related to the topic, venue, speakers etc.


Finally we narrow down the list to all those attendees who have confirmed their registration for the event.

Additionally we provide intelligence and insights on your competitors, by tracking your Competitors Conferences, Trade fairs, & other events. This valuable knowledge gained can be used to benefit your next conference!

Targets Achieved

In just a decade, we have made a huge impact on our industry. With our efforts, our client’s business increased, while helping them to reduce their team size, effort, salaries, and infrastructure costs. As of 2021, these clients have scaled up their targets by at least 5 times, thanks to our qualitative and quantitative data. We have enabled around 70% growth for our long-term clients, in terms of business and ROI.

The number of events and conferences increased per year (from 38 to 180 events).

The number of attendees & sponsors has increased drastically.

85,000 contacts delivered per month by the end of 2020. We researched & called approximately 130,000 – 140,000 contacts per month.

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