Freshly sourced data with an accuracy rate of 100%

With most top data vendors, it’s an accepted fact that data accuracy rates are between 60 to 80%. This eventually leads to at least a 5% bounce rate on your email marketing campaigns. This is because data stored in databases gets stale and needs to be refreshed regularly. This task is not very easy to achieve, as there are millions of contacts within these databases.
Ascentrik’s solution to this problem is to build each new database from the ground up. We do not store databases, and sell the same data to multiple competitors in the same field. Moreover we provide replacements if an employee has moved to a new job during your email campaign.
Our data is freshly sourced for each client and becomes their intellectual property, with complete GDPR compliance.

Visit this link to know more about our 100% accurate data:
Comparison between Email Finder Tools, and Ascentrik’s Custom Data Research