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Published on 3rd January,2023          Last Updated on 15th April,2024

Why custom b2b data research provides higher value and ROI

What are custom b2b databases?

Today obtaining b2b email lists can be divided into 2 very distinct classes. You can either download your list from online data platforms, or you can get it custom built as per your unique campaign requirements. Companies that provide such bespoke b2b databases can be referred to as data partners, who work with you throughout your marketing campaign. Data partners are focussed on how our data quality and accuracy affects the outcome of your marketing campaigns.

Firstly 100% data accuracy is only possible with custom b2b databases, since data is not stored but built from the ground up for each new client project. Stored data is sold to multiple users across the world, but custom data is unique and becomes your intellectual property. Your data is never similar to your competitors’ data.

We go to great lengths to ensure complete accuracy. We make accommodations for the fact that employees are constantly changing jobs, leading to stale records. We update records that go stale during your email campaign to prevent emails from bouncing. We have a 100% replacement guarantee of data records, and even tell you the date and time of the last update.

When it comes to customisation, we understand that you will not need 200 million contact records, but very often details of a very specific segment of people, which is generally 5000 to 50,000 contacts per month. Your target audience may belong to a very niche category. These categories are hard to find in popular online databases. But we at Ascentrik Research can guarantee that with our team of custom research experts and software automation, we can research any industry, job title, role, location etc.

Moreover, we can populate your database with as many data points as you need, so you can segment your audience into various categories, and target them with personalised messaging. We also provide market intelligence and competitor analysis. We give you insight on company revenue, employee promotions, mergers and acquisitions, sales triggers, initial public offerings, annual reports, investor presentations, market share of major industry participants, etc.

Lastly, since we provide 360 degree custom data services, we even carry out initial communication management on your CRM. We add contacts to the right campaigns, manage email messaging, and conduct pre-sales activities.

Thus we work hand in hand with you as data partners, to ensure the success of your email marketing campaigns or advertising campaigns.

How do custom b2b databases help in targeted email list building?

Leveraging customised databases for your marketing and sales campaigns is a great way to reduce bounce rates and unsubscribe rates, while increasing open rates.

With our highly accurate and verified custom b2b databases, you get the latest contact information, precise firmographic details, account profiles, and reliable b2b email data, which are updated in real-time for each campaign. These contacts are custom-built, verified and enriched to fuel your next marketing or sales campaign.

With custom data building and custom data cleansing you can reach highly targeted customers, generate more qualified leads, and close more deals. Hyper targeting and list segmentation improves quality and accelerates business development efforts.

Marketing and sales teams can optimise their outreach by creating granular segments of prospect accounts and contacts, relevant to the company’s products and services. Our custom b2b databases give you the intricate details of your prospects and accounts, all of which can enhance your campaign performance and yield better results.

Problems with non-customised online databases

Many marketers use email finder tools or software platforms to gain access to large databases of contact and company information. These databases are built to provide data to millions of users globally.

Most data vendors on the market today build and sell large databases containing millions of b2b data records from most popular industries across the world. That’s in the range of 200 to 300 million contact records. They make these huge databases available to multiple companies who wish to purchase it, at a lesser cost and in a shorter time span. These databases contain information about millions of people and companies and are acquired by copying or scraping data from the internet using proprietary web crawlers, analysing the data, and storing it in a database.

Because it is created to suit a larger audience, it is cost-effective. But the downside is that it is not tailored to suit specific client needs, and as a result may not provide the kind of clarity and exclusivity that some projects may need.

The main concern is data accuracy and maintaining the hygiene and validity of such a large database. The second concern is refresh cycles. These refresh cycles can range from weeks to months, since it is not physically possible to update each and every contact record on a daily basis. This leads to data turning stale within the database. Therefore many users complain of inaccurate data despite many vendors promising or guaranteeing 85% or 90% accuracy.

Instead of updating and verifying every single record on a database, most data vendors carefully select a smaller subset that is based on the most popular industries and geographical locations, and job titles like C level positions. This subset is then verified and updated to be free from stale data.

The problem with this is that marketing teams from many companies need to go beyond popular industries and job titles. Many email campaigns need hyper-segmentation based on industries, job titles, job roles, location etc. They may even need additional insight like sales triggers, which needs market specific research. Gaining such targeted information from an online database is often impossible.

When the insight a business requires is very niche and unique, and cannot be fulfilled by syndicated research. At such times custom market research is the best solution. It is created specifically for one company, making the data proprietary and unique to that company. With this exclusive access, companies gain distinct market insights into their company, access to hard-to-reach industry leaders, and intelligence for more accurate decision-making.

Special benefits of a custom b2b database partner

Quality Control is the foremost benefit of a customised b2b database partner. At Ascentrik research, each project has its own team leader who custom builds the Standard Operating Procedures and the Quality Control Program, in line with the project specific requirements. He takes the responsibility of design, implementation and monitoring of the Quality Control Program.

A Quality Assurance team is integrated into each production unit, to review the work done by developers and researchers, to ensure that it meets the quality service levels agreed with clients.

Constant feedback and the ongoing working relationship contributes to thorough process knowledge, allowing the team to constantly improve, and work as an extended team for Data Management rather than just an outsourcing partner.

Once all the data is collected and structured, a number of analytical techniques can be applied. Analytics refers to the process in how we gain value from Big Data with statistical analyses. By having relevant and specific analytics, it shows us what customers want, how they think and how the market views the brand and guides us to decision making.

Today data is very often seen as a commodity, as information about consumer behaviour is so readily available. Therefore specialised business and marketing needs deserve customised research services, with a strategic research partner

To maintain efficiency and transparency, the management staff at the client’s end is allowed to perform regular visits at the research partners office, and can also send employees for training purposes as and when required. The on-site training enables the staff for seamless project transition and also understanding the critical areas of the project.

The role of custom b2b data research in addressing various business challenges:

Besides accurate email lists, custom b2b data research enables market expansion across geographies. You can identify attractive markets and provide competitive intelligence, assess the demand and supply rate, evaluate current and estimated future pricing patterns.

Before business leaders can map out organisational goals, they must first gain an accurate and objective understanding of their company, competitors, customers, and the market as a whole. We conduct a comprehensive assessment of the competitive landscape, understand the historic demand and forecast demand across different market segments and regions, which is very useful for strategic planning.

Custom b2b data research helps in new product development. We help you test the potential of a new product before its launch, to prevent costly mistakes. We evaluate current and predict future demand for the new product, estimate manufacturing costs, and identify possible bottlenecks, analyse technology, regulations, or other trends impacting the market, understand consumer purchasing behaviour, etc.

Making the most out of customised b2b data research

In our constantly evolving world, business decisions are harder to make, and global markets are hard to keep up with. Right decision-making is the key to business success, and you need to identify opportunities and counter threats as soon as they arise. The combination of data science and market research can help anyone from a mid-sized to fortune 500 company gain strategic insights that are critical to business success.

From launching a new product or service to entering a new market, to targeting and connecting with new buyers, custom b2b data research provides businesses with all the intelligence they need to discover opportunities, identify prospects, make strategic decisions, and increase ROI.

Custom b2b data research gives you a macro-level overview of markets, buying patterns, industry analysis and sector analysis. Customer segmentation helps you identify the most profitable customer groups where your product is likely to do well, so you can focus your product development and marketing efforts in the right place.

If you want to put data at the heart of your marketing and business strategy, to drive smarter decisions and produce better results, custom b2b data gives you the right perspective and insight on niche and specific topics.

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