Our Data is Alive

We make this possible by being one of the only research companies that Does Not Store Data!

Our full-time researchers work as an extension to your team
Custom data is research driven and gives you highest ROI

Full time research team as an extension to your team
b2b data partners providing high-quality data

We Are Your Data Partners

We are b2b data partners providing high-quality marketing and sales data

  • All the contact, firmographics and sales intelligence you need to target the right decision-makers in highly competitive markets
  • We work towards the success of your campaign while other tools provide just a list
  • Our data replacement guarantee makes sure you have no bounced emails

Our Vision as B2B data partners

We believe that the data needs of mid and top-level organisations go beyond a simple email list of contact information. Many clients need to target niche industries and job titles which are not available in online databases. Moreover, commonly available data is often stale and leads to bounced emails and poorly performing marketing and sales campaigns.

Ascentrik Research solves this problem through custom data research that is unique to each client.

Our B2B Data Services at a glance:

Email List Building

Email List Building

Keep your data fresh for every campaign with our data built and refreshed from the ground up.

Market and competitive intelligence

Market and competitive intelligence and sales triggers

Approach prospects when they are most likely to convert using buying signals.

Custom Database for your campaigns

Build a custom database for your next marketing and sales campaign

CRM Campaign Management

CRM Campaign Management

We also assign contacts to the right projects and take the necessary actions on them



Inside Sales

Inside Sales

We manage emails and phone calls to take the first steps in qualifying leads

Dashboard Management and Reporting

Dashboard Management and Reporting

Get an overall picture of your campaign success to conduct predictive analysis for the future


We are data partners to top research companies

We fuel information products with live data. We have every expertise in-house to build your data products, and build a subscriber base to these products…

Our Vision as partners to research companies:

Today information needs to be readily available in real-time. Operations teams in industries like finance, life sciences, media, real estate, IT need to access data daily. At Ascentrik Research we have the human and technological capabilities to collect and process data at scale, while maintaining high quality. Thus we have become partners to companies where high quality data research matters.

Data Partners to top research companies

Our Services at a glance- Research for Data Platforms

Financial Research

Financial Research

Life Science Research

Life Science Research

Financial Research

Commodities Research

Let’s build your Database together!

Customised Data Solutions for Marketing, Sales and Information Products

Being a full-service data firm, we work as partners whose research is driven by a team of full-time experts for customisation, as well as software automation for scale.

Our data is always built from the ground up. Therefore it is fully customised and never stale. We even give you the date and time of the last update.

We integrate your data into your CRM system or database software using our custom built APIs. We also build custom APIs for clients as per their unique needs.

We have provided data research for companies across the globe, especially the UK, US, and Middle East. We have made sure to follow the data privacy norms of each country.

Data Solutions for Marketing, Sales and Information Products

What is a Data partner?

A data partner is a company that specialises in providing organisations with access to high-quality and relevant data about other businesses. These partners collect, aggregate, and curate data from various sources, including public records, proprietary databases, and online sources, to create comprehensive datasets that can be used for marketing, sales, research, and other business purposes.

Data partners often offer services such as data cleansing, data enrichment, and data integration to help businesses maximise the value of their data. They may also provide tools and platforms for accessing and analysing the data, as well as consulting services to help businesses develop effective data strategies.

By supplying datasets and software tools, data partners make marketing and sales processes more efficient, helping businesses to target the right prospects with the right message at the right time.

Overall, a data partner plays a crucial role in helping businesses gain insights into their target markets, identify potential customers, and make informed business decisions.

How did the transition from data providers to data partners take place?

The transition from being merely data providers to becoming strategic data partners occurred due to several key factors:

  1. Customer-Centric Approach: Data companies realised the importance of understanding their client’s specific needs and challenges. Instead of just offering raw data, they began to tailor their offerings and services to provide more personalised and actionable insights, thus evolving into strategic data partners.

  3. Demand for targeted marketing: As companies looked for more effective ways to identify and reach potential customers, data partners tried to fulfil this need by providing access to accurate and up-to-date data on businesses, enabling more targeted marketing campaigns.

  5. Value-Added Services: Recognizing that businesses need more than just data, companies started offering value-added services such as data cleansing, enrichment, analysis, and consulting. These services helped businesses derive greater value from the data and positioned the providers as trusted data partners in their clients’ decision-making processes.

  7. Collaborative Relationships: Rather than just selling data like providers do, data partners began fostering collaborative relationships with their clients. They engaged in ongoing dialogue, sought feedback, and worked closely with clients to understand their evolving needs and provide customised solutions. This collaborative approach strengthened the partnership between data partners and their clients.

  9. Integration with Business Processes: Data companies started integrating their solutions directly into their clients’ existing business processes and systems. By offering seamless integration with CRM platforms, marketing automation tools, and other business applications, they made it easier for clients to access and leverage data within their day-to-day operations.

  11. Data-driven decision-making: Rather than focusing solely on delivering data, data companies shifted their focus to helping clients achieve specific business outcomes. They began offering predictive analytics, market intelligence, and other advanced capabilities like insights into market trends, customer behaviour, and competitive intelligence to help clients make better-informed decisions and drive tangible results.

  13. Emphasis on Trust and Transparency: With the increasing importance of data privacy and security, data companies placed a greater emphasis on building trust and maintaining transparency with their clients. They implemented robust data governance practices, complied with regulatory requirements, and adopted ethical data handling practices to ensure the integrity and reliability of the data they provided.

Overall, the origin of data partners can be attributed to the convergence of technological advancements, changing market dynamics, and the increasing importance of data in driving business growth and innovation. This evolution has transformed providers into strategic data partners that play a vital role in helping businesses succeed in today’s data-driven economy.

Why do companies need a data partner over a data provider?

Companies often prefer working with a data partner rather than a mere data provider for several reasons:

  1. Customised Solutions: Data partners offer more than just raw data; they provide tailored solutions that align with the specific needs and objectives of their clients. By understanding the unique requirements of each client, data partners can deliver customised data sets, analytics, and insights that address their business challenges effectively.

  3. Expertise and Support: Data partners typically have domain expertise and industry knowledge that enables them to provide valuable insights and guidance to their clients. They offer ongoing support, consultation, and training to help clients maximise the value of their data and make informed decisions.

  5. Value-added Services: Beyond providing data, data partners offer a range of value-added services such as data cleansing, enrichment, analysis, and integration. These services help clients derive greater value from their data and streamline their data-related processes.

  7. Access to Advanced Technology: Data partners often invest in advanced technology and tools for data collection, analysis, and visualisation. By leveraging these technologies, clients can gain deeper insights, identify trends, and make more accurate predictions to drive their business forward.

  9. Scalability and Flexibility: Data partners can scale their services according to the evolving needs of their clients. Whether a client requires a small dataset or a comprehensive data solution, data partners can adapt their offerings to meet the client’s requirements, providing scalability and flexibility.

  11. Compliance and Security: Data partners prioritise data privacy, security, and compliance with regulatory requirements. They adhere to strict data governance practices and employ robust security measures to protect sensitive information, giving clients peace of mind and ensuring regulatory compliance.

  13. Strategic Partnership: Working with a data partner fosters a strategic partnership rather than just a transactional relationship. Data partners collaborate closely with their clients, understand their business goals, and contribute to their long-term success by providing valuable insights and support.

Overall, companies choose to work with data partners over data providers because they offer customised solutions, expertise and support, value-added services, access to advanced technology, scalability and flexibility, compliance and security, and foster a strategic partnership focused on achieving mutual goals.