Data Collection Company for the B2B Market

Data Capture Technology + Human Research and Verification

Human Expertise and Technology go hand in hand at Ascentrik Research. Automation ensures data capture at scale, while human expertise and verification of data ensure 100% accurate and refreshed data.

Human Expertise and Verfication of Data

What makes a trusted Data Collection Company

Ascentrik Research has years of experience in data collection services. A lot of our clients have information products and services, that need to be constantly fuelled with fresh data. This is where our research and data extraction services come into play.

A well-established data collection company like ours has the required expertise, technology, and infrastructure to handle large volumes of data, and scale up operations at any time.

We have an extensive knowledge of collection and analysis of data through trusted sources like Company Annual Reports, News Articles, Press Releases, Various Stock Exchange websites (SGX, LSE, NYSE, HKEX, KRX) and also non-english Reports /websites.







Our greatest selling point is highly accurate data, made possible only through customised datasets, built through automation and human processes.

Moreover, our Data Replacement Guarantee ensures 100% accuracy for any business database.

Customised Data Collection Services

Our team of full-time research experts can provide multi-lingual data collection services for various information products, as well as marketing and business development processes.

Data Mining Services

This helps in extracting actionable insights and patterns from large datasets, enabling organisations to make informed decisions and drive innovation across

Data Extraction Services

Our data extraction services help collect data from various sources, transforming it into a usable format, and storing it for further analysis, integration, or processing.

Data Collection Services

We help you collect and analyse high quality data quickly, using human research as well as automation. We work as data partners to collect b2b data for marketing, sales or data products.

List Building & Web Research

Our team of research experts carries out primary and secondary research to build custom b2b lists of email addresses, phone numbers and other company details. These lists cover any industry no matter how niche.

Data Verification Services

Besides being a data sourcing company, our team verifies all the data using email verification methods and quality call backs. If the contact on the list has switched jobs, we provide a replacement to that contact.

Database Building & Maintenance

We build databases in any field, mainly finance, life sciences and commodities. We even manage, and optimise databases to ensure they are efficient, reliable, and easily accessible within your own company or among customers and subscribers.

Many large and mid-sized organisations struggle to store large datasets, lack speed, and efficiency, and fail to generate timely business intelligence.

It is more profitable to have a data partner solely focused on data collection services, data extraction services, and analysing large datasets.

More about Data Collection Services

Benefits of hiring a Data Collection Company

By leveraging data collection services, organisations can achieve several benefits. Data collection services help unlock the potential of data, providing competitive advantages and improving operational efficiencies. However, navigating the challenges of data quality, privacy concerns, algorithmic complexity, and ethical considerations remains essential for ethical and effective data gathering practices in today’s digital age.

Decision Support
Making informed decisions based on data-driven insights and predictions.

Efficiency Improvement
Automating the analysis of large datasets, saving time and resources.

Competitive Advantage Gaining insights into market trends, customer behavior, and operational efficiencies that can drive competitive strategies.

Risk Mitigation
Identifying and mitigating risks such as fraud, customer churn, or operational inefficiencies.

Discovering new opportunities, products, or services based on data-driven insights.

Benefits of a Research Team for Data Collection Services

Ascentrik has developed various tools for automation of research solutions for its partners in the US, Europe, and other regions. Our experience spans across a variety of research techniques, in the areas of Financials, Infrastructure, Technology, Life Sciences, to name a few.

As a data gathering company we conduct both primary and secondary research, using human expertise and automation to analyse datasets and convert them into intelligence. The information is then directly fed into the client’s API making it easily accessible anytime.

We offer solutions that encompass the entire project life cycle and provide our clients with the flexibility and convenience of working with a single point-of-contact who will seamlessly integrate into your team.

Ascentrik’s data collection services include demographic, firmographic and sales trigger data that helps you build the most accurate contact databases for marketing and sales.

We give you information on market trends, news alerts, competitive intelligence to help your company make faster and better decisions.

We create custom reports based on research by our in-house subject-matter experts.

Our skills include research design and analysis, building market intelligence data, and extracting business insights.

More about Data Extraction Services

Our data gathering services help to extract data from multiple sources, both structured (e.g., databases, spreadsheets) and unstructured (e.g., text documents, websites), and convert it into a standardised format that can be easily processed and analyzed. This is based on specific criteria or requirements defined by the organization.

Methods used by Data Extraction Companies

Data extraction methods vary depending on the nature of the data sources and the complexity of the extraction process. Common methods include:
  1. Manual Extraction: Manually copying and pasting data from one source to another, suitable for small-scale or straightforward data extraction tasks.
  2. Automated Extraction: Using software tools and scripts to automate the extraction process from databases, websites, APIs, and other digital sources. Examples include web scraping tools and ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) software.
  3. Database Querying: Executing queries (e.g., SQL queries) against databases to extract specific data subsets based on defined criteria.
  4. API Integration: Utilizing APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to extract data from web services or cloud-based applications in a structured format.
  5. Text Mining: Extracting structured data from unstructured text documents through natural language processing (NLP) techniques.

Applications of Data Extraction Services

Data extraction services find applications across various industries and functions:


  • Business Intelligence: Extracting data from multiple sources to create comprehensive reports and dashboards for decision-making.
  • Market Research: Collecting and analyzing data from surveys, social media, and other sources to understand market trends and consumer behavior.
  • E-commerce: Extracting product information, prices, and customer reviews from websites for competitive analysis and pricing strategies.
  • Healthcare: Integrating patient data from electronic health records (EHRs) for clinical research, patient care management, and compliance reporting.
  • Finance: Extracting financial data from banking systems and market databases for risk assessment, investment analysis, and regulatory reporting.

Benefits of Data Extraction Services

Implementing data extraction services offers several benefits to organizations:


  • Efficiency: Automating data extraction processes reduces manual effort and saves time.
  • Accuracy: Ensuring accurate and consistent data extraction results, minimizing errors associated with manual data entry.
  • Integration: Consolidating data from disparate sources into a unified format for seamless integration and analysis.
  • Scalability: Scaling data extraction processes to handle large volumes of data and accommodate organizational growth.
  • Decision Support: Providing timely and relevant data insights to support informed decision-making across the organization.

Challenges of Data Extraction Services

Despite its benefits, data extraction services come with challenges like ensuring extracted data is accurate, complete, and up-to-date. Dealing with diverse data sources, formats, and structures, requiring robust data extraction and transformation strategies, is another challenge. Balancing the costs associated with implementing and maintaining data extraction systems and tools. Lastly, requiring skilled personnel and technical expertise to design, implement, and manage data extraction processes effectively.

Challenges faced by most Data Collection Companies

Data Quality:
Most data collection companies suffer from the problem of data that has inconsistencies and errors. Therefore any data collection company needs to design and develop the right data gathering and cleaning processes, which involve human verification besides automation.

Data Regulations:
Not all data sourcing companies are strict about the legal issues related to data collection. You must ensure that your data sourcing company adheres to GDPR norms.

Enriching Data:
Most data gathering companies do not have real-time refresh for their databases. They refresh their data quarterly or monthly.

Relevant Data:
Most data extraction companies do not provide customised data services. But data collection companies that work as data partners specialise in bespoke services right from their unique data collection processes to sourcing and verifying the data.

Unique Data:
Most data collection companies cannot provide data that is unique from the competition. That’s because most data gathering companies sell the same databases to multiple users.

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