Achieve Higher Marketing ROI through Email List Segmentation

Make sure your email is more likely to be opened and read

What is email list segmentation?

Segmentation is the division of the contacts on your email list, into smaller segments based on certain criteria. The purpose of this is to personalize email content and deliver more relevant email marketing to subscribers, rather than creating one mass message for all.

Relevancy helps you reach out to a large and varied customer base on a more individual level, making them more likely to engage with it. This relevancy comes through segmentation.

Objectives of segmentation?

1. To improve personalization

2. To increase engagement

3. To take the audience down the funnel, & convert them

What are the specific benefits of List Segmentation?

Email marketers who segment their lists have higher click-through rates than those who do not.

  • ^% of Respondents
  • Increased Open Rates 39% 39%
  • Greater Email Relevance 34% 34%
  • Lower Opt-Out/Unsubscribe Rates 28% 28%
  • Better Deliverability 24% 24%
  • Increased Sales Leads 24% 24%
  • Greater Revenue 24% 24%
  • Greater Customer Retention 21% 21%
  • Greater No. of Transactions 18% 18%
  • Greater Customer Acquisition 15% 15%
  • Lower Span Complaints 15% 15%

List Research at Ascentrik allows you to segment your list based on the following criteria


Geographic location: Ascentrik provides your email campaigns with powerful geo-targeting capabilities, so you can send localized messages to your subscribers, by creating segments that group your audience by various geographic locations. 


Demographics: We give you lists based on gender, age, nationality, income, education, etc.


Products: If you’re selling a lot of different products or services, our lists will help you target the customers that are most likely to be interested in a specific product or service.


Market: You can segment your list by market, industry, and business type.


Industry or Job Function: We provide you with segmented lists based on industry type eg media, banking, hospitality, etc, and job function like sales, marketing, customer service, IT, etc.


Job Title: We provide you data from very specific niches so you can find the right decision-makers that you need to target. A mid-level content marketer and a VP of marketing may work in the same department, but not both are decision-makers.


Company Size: Small businesses have different needs, budgets, and resources. Therefore, you may need to segment your list based on company size, especially if you are an organization with products/services that serve both small businesses and enterprises.


Revenue Size: We give you detailed lists of companies based on the revenue they earn. Knowing the size of a company in terms of earnings and workforce, helps you identify the right companies to target in your campaigns.

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