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Choosing the right b2b contact database solution is foundational to the success of your marketing and sales efforts. This page reviews the top competitors to Zoominfo, to see how they score on various parameters like Accuracy, Pricing, Niche Markets etc.

Choose the solution that is best suited to your unique data needs

Although these are among the top companies like Zoominfo, helping you to constantly add marketing and sales qualified leads to your pipeline, the differences and drawbacks among them start to emerge when you consider their approach to data sourcing and storage.

Lusha, D&B Hoovers, Uplead and Cognism are the best alternatives to Zoominfo on the market. They are b2b email list building and sales intelligence solutions that are built upon very large databases, with millions of contacts. They work as software tools with millions of email addresses and direct dials, that you can download from.

According to reviews, the 2 main complaints many users have had with these data solutions is the high cost and lack of complete accuracy, which is incorrect emails and phone numbers. Like many software tools, their data is not as accurate as they claim it to be. This has led many marketers to look for competitors to Zoominfo, specially companies that offer customised solutions.

Alternatives to Zoominfo

Among the top Zoominfo alternatives reviewed below, we must keep in mind that some of them have a more customised approach to data sourcing and delivery. Therefore you would need to contact the company for pricing and other details.

Now let’s take a detailed look into the various alternative databases like Lusha and Uplead, as well as more customised platforms like Hoovers, Cognism and Ascentrik Research.

Lusha is a popular Zoominfo alternative that provides B2B company and contact data to business professionals helping them reach the right decision makers. The data is available as a browser or Salesforce plugin, via an API, or through Lusha’s Zapier integration.


Pros :

  •  Lusha has a massive database of 100M business profiles, 60M email addresses, 50M direct dials and over 15M companies’ profiles.
  • They are GDPR and CCPA compliant
  • Lusha helps in creating and sending customised emails to the prospects
  • The platform is user friendly and the Chrome Integration is handy for the users
  • Excellent dashboard for overview of data


Cons :

  •  Lusha themselves claim to provide 81% accurate data which is lower than many of the competitors like Cognism (98%) and Uplead (95%)
  • Some users have claimed to face email bounces as high as 40%
  • Data can get outdated and stale very quickly
  • The quality of direct dials is a matter of concern


Pricing Structure :

Lusha has 4 pricing plans and is based on a Freemium model. The customer is billed annually

  • Free: $0/user (5 credits)
  • Pro: $348/user billed annually (480 credits)
  • Premium: $612/user billed annually (960 credits)
  • Scale: Must contact the sales team


Lusha Reviews :

The following is taken from G2 reviews. Visit site
One of the most impressive aspects of Lusha is its ability to provide accurate and up-to-date contact information. With just a few clicks, It can access the prospects’ direct phone numbers, email addresses, and even social media profiles. I appreciate how automation and other capabilities enable us to manage our email marketing campaigns. It offers an easy-to-use interface for setting up and managing funnels, composing and sending emails, using customizable email templates and communicating effectively with customers, among other things. The LinkedIn Extension is helpful and runs quite smoothly. The filtering capability is quite detailed, so it can narrow the prospect search based on the industry, department, job title, etc.

The most disliked thing about Lusha is that it gives very few Credits to enroll the prospects. They should exceed the limit. They limit the prospect search without informing the customer, so we cannot use all our credits within the given time; I think this is an unethical practice. Not all of the data is perfect and can require some manual sorting and searches to determine what is most up to date. Lusha does not have contact information for every potential lead. While the platform boasts an extensive database, it may not be comprehensive enough to cover every industry or region, and there may be some gaps in the data. This could sometimes lead to frustration and wasted time. Some users may find the pricing of Lusha.com to be too steep, particularly for smaller businesses or individual freelancers. They have a yearly or annual plan.

Thus Lusha is seen as one of the leading competitors to Zoominfo that provides accurate and up-to-date information.

Cognism is a competitor to Zoominfo that is a sales intelligence tool you can use to find prospects’ email addresses and phone numbers.


Pros :

  • Cognism has a large database of mobile phone numbers, which is their biggest selling point
  • They claim to have a 98% accuracy
  • There’s also the Prospector tool, which you can use to build account lists that fit your criteria more easily
  • It combines firmographics, technographics, as well as hiring and funding triggers with buying intent data to help you identify prospects who are most likely to buy your solution.


Cons :

  • 98% but users have complained that data is not as accurate as they claim
  • Cognism is considered costly and expensive by many of its users


Pricing Structure :

Cognism doesn’t display its pricing publicly. You’ll need to contact the company to learn more about pricing.


Cognism Reviews :

The following is taken from G2 reviews. Visit site
Cognism has helped to secure the best connect rates I’ve seen from similar calls. With this, I can reach more of the right people – something particularly useful for cold outreach. Its integration with HubSpot and Salesloft is flawless and makes the browser extension super easy to use. Easy access to contact details linked directly to LinkedIn. Also gives access to a lot of contacts that cannot otherwise be found on LinkedIn.

Similar to other providers, there will always be some incorrect details. The diamond verification system can sometimes help with this, however, there is also a habit of people with the same name (or even the wrong name sometimes) being classed as diamond verified. The platform is also sometimes at odds with LinkedIn Sales Navigator – especially when people are in two roles at once. The filtering system is not very smart, e.g. if i put IT in job title but someone actually has information technology the person will not show which can slow down the process. Also lots of the emails don’t work.

Review from Trustpilot. Visit site
Cognism sold my phone number to a number of sales companies, but associated it with someone else who shares my name. As a result I am frequently receiving cold calls intended for this person. Their website does not allow you to remove your phone number from their database without providing additional personal details (email, company etc) and agreeing to be contacted by them with other promotional material.

D&B Hoovers is another alternative to Zoominfo that is a sales and marketing intelligence platform. D&B Hoovers uses the world’s largest Commercial Data Cloud and sophisticated analytics to deliver a sales acceleration solution packed with insight.


Pros :

  • D&B Hoovers leverages the world’s largest commercial data cloud with more than 170 million business records and analytics
  • They have a global coverage spanning across 190 countries
  • They have more than 175 search filters to build highly-targeted lists.
  • The platform is user friendly and integrates seamlessly with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 360


Cons :

  • According to some users, the email accuracy is 70% and the inaccuracies in data is also observed
  • A major drawback of D&B Hoovers is the increase in outdated data
  • A lack of good customer support
  • Missing data like company revenue or number of employees
  • The platform sometimes faces unexpected shutdowns


Pricing Structure :

D&B Hoovers have not provided any pricing information. A free trial is offered by the platform.


D&B Hoovers Reviews :

The following is taken from TrustRadius and Gartner reviews.
Users appreciate D&B Hoovers for its extensive database and sales intelligence data. It’s particularly useful for finding elusive private company information, profiling, list building, and industry insights. D&B Hoovers impressed users with its detailed, up-to-date information on businesses, including contact details, financials, and market analyses. The platform is simple to use and well-organized.

The things we dislike most about the D&B Hoovers platform are the customer support system, the inconsistency with contact level information, and the restraints on weeding out certain companies from being downloaded in smartlists. The time it takes to search each company is cumbersome. The search feature needs better/more flexible parameters. There is no mobile app with a good map feature. I want to be able to use the search by industry peers while I am in the field. I cannot add all the fields that I want to in the table view. The pricing is quite steep for a small business. While it is pretty accurate, there is definitely plenty of outdated data.

In conclusion, Hoovers is known as a Zoominfo alternative for its information, features and pricing.

Uplead is one of the many Zoominfo competitors. It is a B2B data provider & sales intelligence platform that gives you instant access to millions of verified business contacts and companies worldwide.


Pros :

  • As per the company’s claims, it offers a 95% and above accuracy rate
  • It has an 85+ million B2B email address database featuring contacts from over 200+ countries
  • You can use over 50+ search criteria filters to build targeted prospect lists
  • It provides data enrichment and email verification options
  • It offers advanced features like technographics, intent data, and bulk lookup
  • UpLead seamlessly integrates with multiple platforms


Cons :

  • The database has more data points for North America than any other region
  • The relevance of leads may sometimes be low
  • 95% users have been vocal about lack of accuracy compared to what is claimed by the company
  • There is a lack of mobile phone numbers for contacts


Pricing Structure :

  • Essentials: $74 per month (2040 annual credits)
  • Plus: $149 per month (4800 annual credits)
  • Professional: $299 per month (12,000 annual credits)


Uplead Reviews :

The following is taken from G2 reviews. Visit site
Uplead is a great solution for generating quick lists of leads for all our different marketing campaigns. With its wide variety of search filters, you can really drill down to get leads for the exact demographic or persona you are looking for. UpLead provides a comprehensive set of data on each prospect, including contact information, company details, and more, which can help users better understand their target audience. UpLead can be integrated with other sales and marketing tools, such as CRMs and email automation software, to streamline workflows and enhance the overall sales process.

While UpLead does its best to maintain accurate data, there may be errors or outdated information in their database. This can lead to wasted time and resources when trying to connect with a lead who is no longer with the company or has inaccurate contact information. UpLead’s database is not as comprehensive as some other lead generation tools. This means that some potential leads may not be included in their database, limiting your pool of potential prospects. It would be great if there were more flexible pricing options or more affordable plans for users with lower volume needs. I was very disappointed in how they handled our renewal. No notifications at all – just a charge to my credit card.

Slintel is a B2B sales intelligence platform, and one of the top Zoominfo competitors that identifies active buyers in the target market so that the go-to-market (GTM) teams can build pipelines. They help in shortening the sales cycle and increasing revenue of their clients.


Pros :

  • According to company claims, it contains the most accurate and ethically sourced data.
  • It has over 286M B2B contact data sourced from over 14.5M companies and 11.9M+ job data
  • Slintel provides a seamless integration to the client’s CRM along with a updated chrome extension
  • Along with contact data, Slintel also provides great technographic and buyer intent data
  • It provides a service that helps the clients comparing the technologies used by two companies
  • It provides data enrichment


Cons :

  • A lack of accuracy in phone numbers is often complained by the users
  • They sometimes take a little longer to update changes in leads’ job switches
  • Comparatively higher bounce rate than competitors
  • The total database volume is a bit smaller than expected


Pricing Structure :

  • Slintel doesn’t display its pricing publicly. You’ll need to contact the company to learn more about pricing.


Slintel Reviews :

The following is taken from Capterra. Visit site
Users appreciate Slintel’s ability to provide accurate and up-to-date information about companies, technologies, and decision-makers. The platform’s data intelligence helps sales and marketing teams identify potential leads effectively.
Slintel seamlessly integrates with other tools and platforms, making it convenient for users to incorporate it into their existing workflows.

While Slintel provides valuable insights, some users feel that its coverage is limited to certain industries or regions. Expanding the database to include more companies and sectors would enhance its usefulness.
Some users find Slintel’s pricing to be on the higher side. They believe that the cost may not be justified for smaller businesses or individual users.

Lead411 is a sales intelligence solution that provides verified B2B verified lead data. Lead411 also offers Bombora Intent Data within their Platform, so the users can pinpoint companies and contacts that are actively searching for the services/solutions.


Pros :

  •  They claim to have 96% accuracy
  • They currently have a database of 450M contacts, within 20M companies worldwide.
  • Along with sales intelligence and lead generation, they have services like Bombora Intent data that allows their customers to pinpoint specific accounts to prioritize with targeted campaigns that convert to sales and lead scoring that displays fastest growing companies.
  • They provide contact enrichment and data verification services that verifies the data in real time and also re-verifies the entire database every 90 days.
  • They have their chrome extension and a outstanding CRM integrations.


Cons :

  • Most of the users complain about the poor UI of the platform.
  • Their Basic and Pro plans only allow the users a limited number of contacts, and additional credits must be purchased.
  • Reach Analytics can be enhanced to be more in-depth


Pricing Structure :

Lead411 offers a free 7-day trial period to its users.
It offers three pricing plans:

  • Basic – $99/month (200 contacts)
  • Pro – $199/month (450 contacts)
  • Enterprise – Must contact the company


Lead411 Reviews :

The following is taken from TrustRadius Insights. Visit site
Lead411 offers a range of valuable use cases for its users. Businesses can enhance their client procurement and marketing efforts. It provides fresh daily leads based on territory and has a no-commitment monthly offer.
Users appreciate Lead411’s accuracy in providing contact information within organizations. It helps find titles, emails, and phone numbers, making it a valuable lead generation tool.

Some users find Lead411 to be relatively expensive compared to other solutions. The pricing structure, which limits the number of downloads per month, can be restrictive for those who frequently need new contacts for their database.
Users have reported that the search filters within Lead411 don’t work very well. This can result in a list of contacts that may not be accurate or relevant to their needs.

Seamless.AI is an Zoominfo alternatives that helps marketers find and develop sales leads. Their sales software finds verified cell phones, emails, and direct dials. Seamless.AI helps their clients connect directly with their ideal customers so they can build a sales pipeline, shorten sales cycle, and close more deals at scale.


Pros :

  • They claim increase opportunities for their clients by 350% on an average
  • They provide an outstanding integration into the clients’ CRM
  • Data Enrichment services are available
  • They offer a unique service called Pitch Intelligence, where they help their clients in delivering the right message to the right prospect at the right time
  • They have a good Chrome Extension rated at 4.8/5


Cons :

  • Data Accuracy is a big concern for users as they have been vocal about lack of quality of phone numbers as well as incorrect email addresses
  • Some users complain about the high bounce rate of emails
  • The biggest concern of users is there is no easy way to sort the imported contacts
  • Lack of a good customer support service
  • Some users find it difficult to export the data in their CRM’s


Pricing Structure :

Seamless.ai provides four plans for their customers based on their use case

  • Free plan – 50 credits
  • Basic – $147 per month (250 credits per month)
  • Pro – Must contact sales team
  • Enterprise – Must contact sales team


Seamless.AI Reviews :

The following is taken from Trustpilot Reviews. Visit site
Seamless.AI offers a vast database of business contacts, which can be valuable for sales and marketing professionals. The platform leverages artificial intelligence to provide real-time data updates, prospecting recommendations, and personalized outreach strategies.
Many users appreciate how Seamless.AI helps them uncover hidden opportunities and expand their network.

While some users praise Seamless.AI, others have expressed dissatisfaction. Negative reviews often mention issues related to data accuracy, customer support, and pricing.

Clearbit is a data enrichment solution that automatically refreshes sales records with verified corporate and contact information in order to provide greater insights into prospects. Their platform provides services of data enrichment, website visitors view and identifying high intent prospects.


Pros :

  • They claim to have an accuracy of 94% email deliverability with a database of 389M contact records and 48M company records
  • They refresh their data every 30 days claiming to have the most up-to-date data possible.
  • The 2-step setup process makes it easy for businesses to activate data and get insights that drive revenue
  • Their users claim to have received excellent customer support
  • Easily access email lists, phone numbers and job titles
  • Seamless integrations into CRMs


Cons :

  • Not suitable for finding data for small companies
  • Unclear and non-transparent pricing policies and overhead charges according to many users
  • Sometimes, the information Clearbit returns is inaccurate and outdated
  • Lack of multi-user support feature
  • According to some users, Clearbit cannot be relied for phone numbers


Pricing Structure :

  • No pricing information is mentioned on the website. One must contact the company to get a quotation.


Clearbit Reviews :

The following is taken from TrustRadius Reviews and Capterra Reviews
Clearbit has become an invaluable tool for sales teams, providing them with a wealth of information to enhance their prospecting efforts. Clearbit Ads has excellent LinkedIn targeting capabilities, and it performs well on Facebook as well.
Users appreciate Clearbit’s beautifully designed interface and innovative seamless management of business intelligence data. The lead enrichment features, including access to lead names, emails, and job titles, are highly regarded.

Some users find Clearbit’s performance on Facebook to be less effective compared to LinkedIn.
A few users mention that Clearbit was used by reps to find contact information for companies and people they were prospecting into, but there may be better options available.

Sisense is a Business Intelligence software and analytics platform. It helps in infusing analytics in everyday workflow, and is one of the top alternatives to Zoominfo.


Pros :

  • Business Intelligence becomes easy to understand by great visualization
  • Easy integration of APIs
  • Great customisations with a vast array of plugins
  • Users claim that customer service is fast, accurate and helpful


Cons :

  • Sometimes, the dashboards take too long to load.
  • Less efficient for mobile device use
  • Some users claim that the cost is on a higher side


Pricing Structure :

  • The pricing hasn’t been revealed by Sisense


Sisense Reviews :

The following is taken from G2 reviews. Visit site
Users appreciate how easy it is to combine data from other sources into Sisense. The platform’s flexibility in integrating data allows businesses to create comprehensive analytics solutions. Sisense boasts a great implementation team, which makes it straightforward for users to set up and get the program running. This efficient setup process contributes to a positive experience for customers. 

While negative reviews are less common, some users have reported challenges with ease of implementation and integration. It’s essential to consider these factors when adopting Sisense. As with any software, there may be occasional issues or areas for improvement. However, overall, Sisense seems to have a positive impact on businesses that utilize it.

Zoominfo is a platform that provides their users with B2B data and software which helps them connect with and close deals with their valuable buyers.


Pros :

  • They have a huge database of 220M+ professional profiles along with 100M+ company profiles as well as 150M+ emails.
  • They also provide intent data, technographic data as well as data enrichment services
  • Integration to CRM’s is considered flawless by users
  • The platform also contains a lot of filters for finding leads
  • Zoominfo is GDPR and CCPA Compliant


Cons :

  • Users have reported lags and crashes while exporting mass contact data
  • There are complaints of duplicate data or the data of a retired individual
  • There are cases of email bounces, along with lack of data accuracy
  • Many emails have not been verified
  • Customer support is not considered great
  • Lack of pricing transparency and some users consider the price high


Pricing Structure :

Pricing for Zoominfo has not been revealed on the website. One must fill out a form for further pricing related enquiries.


ZoomInfo Reviews :

The following is taken from Gartner reviews. Visit site
The product is generally fine, including integrations, filtering and export abilities. Its integrity to connect and share data with other tools, like Salesforce; the guided learning and video tutorials and events; the breadth of intelligence/data across the spectrum of target contacts and accounts; technographic and firmographic details, level of detail about account adoption of business technologies; and its ease of adoption for any role in the sales sphere; also, the interactive support features and requests to include data and the list matching and cleaning and contacts verification features, is worth noting.

But we experienced an 11% bounce rate, which is higher than their 95% accuracy “guarantee” The auto renewal does not allow you to pause whenever you want. High bounce rates, inaccuracies across LinkedIn and ZoomInfo data, bad intent data and worst of all their inability to work to find what is best for my company and instead bully us into a contract that doesn’t align with what my company needs. Their sales tactic is a scam, and I am shocked that a company of this size and status can get away with treating their customers like this. I have no desire to do business with a company that treats its tenured customers like this. I am hopeful that whoever reads this will reconsider doing business with this company and at the least learn from our mistake and write in an opt-out clause.

When compared to the above solutions this is how Ascentrik fares on all the same factors evaluated

Ascentrik Research

Ascentrik is a data research partner, and a leading competitor to Zoominfo, who provides customised and made-to-order data. Our strength is data privacy and accuracy.
Our data helps boost your lead generation and sales. Your business can fuel consistent revenue growth from targeted campaigns.

  • Ascentrik provides 100% accuracy. This is because unlike data vendors and software solutions, we do not store databases. We partner with our clients to build made-to-order databases.
  • We source data from across the world, on demand, and customise it to suit your requirements.
  • Since we are focused on exclusivity and customisation, we provide very detailed filtration and segmentation based on niche criteria that you specify.
  • We provide various levels of insight and intelligence like competitor analysis, market and trend analysis, SWOT and sector analysis.
  • We provide data verification and enrichment in real time, as our email list is built freshly for each client.
  • We use automation and human verification of data to ensure our lists are always updated and even provide double opt-ins to ensure consent.
  • We provide replacements if a contact changes his job during a campaign, making sure that you get exactly what you paid for, and ensuring the highest ROI on your email campaigns.
  • Our data seamlessly integrates with any CRM platform through our API.

As you can see we match up on all performance indicators from data coverage, data enrichment, competitor and market intelligence, to CRM integration, and most importantly, we outperform our competitors through 100% data accuracy. Thus we give you the highest ROI for your marketing budget than any other data vendor.

Parameters on which Ascentrik is your best Zoominfo Alternative

Zoominfo is a sales intelligence solution packaging many features together. If you are looking for the perfect alternative to Zoominfo, you will need to evaluate data solutions on all the features Zoominfo offers.


The first parameter to evaluate when looking for a competitor to Zoominfo is data sourcing:

Because Zoominfo’s static database is not tailored to the specific needs of each customer, it falls short of a multi level process of verification. This can lead to gaps in coverage for specific niches within industries, causing a significant problem for businesses targeting narrow job categories within their target market. This lack of customization can result in weak data coverage for businesses targeting specific local as well as international markets.

On the other hand, Ascentrik Research provides a 360 degree approach to data. We offer client all types of data that they desire. If you are looking for a quick download of data from a very common category, we offer verification and instant downloads. If you are looking for job titles from niche categories, we can custom-research this data for you. When data is researched for your specific campaign, it is accurate and at its highest level of freshness. It may take a couple of days, but is 100% fresh and accurate.


The next important parameter to consider in Zoominfo alternatives is data enrichment:

Ascentrik stands out from ZoomInfo with its superior Data Verification processes and regular hygiene and cleansing processes. We always maintain high-quality B2B data with the highest accuracy on the market. This is because we offer 100% replacement guarantee, for bounced emails. If a contact on the list changes his job, we give you a replacement. Thus we charge only for successful contacts.


The third and very important aspect is data accuracy:

Although Zoominfo claims to offer high accuracy, the accuracy rate many users have experienced is around 70%.
Any database that is focused on scale, falls short in terms of quality and accuracy, as it is impossible to update large databases in real-time. This is where a custom research process offers a very good solution.

We offer data for quick download, as well as custom built data options. We know that data that is stored, gets stale because it is not refreshed regularly. We make sure that we refresh every data record before its handed over to the client.

As per numerous customer reviews, accuracy rate becomes the biggest point to consider when looking for a reliable alternative to Zoominfo.


The next point to evaluate in companies like Zoominfo is niche categories:

ZoomInfo’s data coverage is limited, particularly when it comes to international coverage and small-to-medium businesses. Their contact data is also insufficient, with gaps below the director level and outside of high tech industries. ZoomInfo does not offer dynamic data verification processes to add data to the customer’s needs.

No one else covers niche industries like we do. Our global coverage, across markets and industries, allows us to dynamically source data for any industry, in any part of the world, to ensure that our clients’ target markets are fully covered.

Most online databases have only the most popular industries stored within them. But due to our made-to-order approach we have a team of researchers building custom databases from very specialised categories, with complete accuracy.


The last factor is pricing:

Zoominfo’s pricing range starts from $20k. They offer 2 to 3 year contracts that auto-renew. The auto-renewal feature has been a persistent complaint with a lot of users.

Ascentrik offers you very flexible pricing options. The price range we offer is anywhere between $800 to $1000 for 1000 email addresses. Our pricing differs based on the number of contacts and whether they belong to highly specialised and niche targets.

We charge based on the specific contact and company details you need. We charge separately for consent based single and double opt-ins.

Most of these tools seem less expensive at first, but due to leads getting stale in databases, companies later incur higher costs in fixing stale leads. Therefore many marketers and salespeople are looking for competitors to Zoominfo that are profitable in the long run. Because Ascentrik’s data is made-to-order and always updated for your campaign, along with replacements, you pay less in the long run, specially in refreshing bad data.


Ascentrik scores on 3 major factors

Unlike most competitors to Zoominfo, Ascentrik is a data research partner, that provides customised and made-to-order data. Our data is freshly sourced for each new client project. Our data gives you 100% ROI on your marketing campaigns, by giving you accurate contact details.

When compared to the above solutions this is how Ascentrik fares on all the factors evaluated above.

Data Accuracy

  • Ascentrik’s strongest point is data accuracy. This is because unlike data vendors and software solutions, we do not store databases. We partner with our clients to build made-to-order databases.
  • Although we create fresh databases each time, we are able to deliver anywhere from 500 to 60,000 data records a month.
  • We source data from across the world, on demand, and customise it to suit your requirements.
  • We provide replacements if a contact changes his job during a campaign, making sure that you get exactly what you paid for, and ensuring the highest ROI on your email campaigns.
  • We charge only for successful records delivered.
  • Since we are focused on exclusivity and customisation, we provide very detailed filtration and segmentation based on niche criteria that you specify.
  • We provide data verification and enrichment in real time, as our email list is built freshly for each client.
  • We use automation and human verification of data to ensure our lists are always updated and even provide double opt-ins to ensure consent.

Niche Targets

Ascentrik is one of the only data partners that has the capability to source contact data for very niche targets. Niche industries are specialised sectors focusing on a specific product or service. These industries cater to a smaller target audience and have lower competition. Some examples of niche B2B industries include oil and gas, metals and mining, specialised healthcare, etc.

On the other hand, mainstream industries include popular sectors that may have a bigger market, multiple competitors, high growth potential, or cater to a mass market need. Mainstream industries are usually commoditised by many players. Software development, IT, marketing, etc can be classified as examples of mainstream B2B industries.

Since most database solutions need to maintain large databases, the sourcing and verification of data needs to be automated with software. It is not feasible to verify millions of contacts on a daily or even a weekly basis. Therefore only the most popular, mainstream categories are updated regularly, while the industries and markets that are niche or less in demand are not.

Here is where Ascentrik Research outperforms the others. We can source and verify data from niche categories and industries. This data is unique and is hard to find anywhere else. No matter what your industry, job title, job role, or any other data point, we can source data in line with privacy norms and user consent, using our specialised team of data researchers.

Other Benefits

  • We provide various levels of insight and intelligence like competitor analysis, market and trend analysis, SWOT and sector analysis.
  • Our data seamlessly integrates with any CRM platform through our API.

As you can see we match up on all performance indicators from data coverage, data enrichment, competitor and market intelligence, to CRM integration, and most importantly, we outperform our competitors through 100% data accuracy. Thus we give you the highest ROI for your marketing budget than any other data vendor.

Use Cases to help you identify the best Zoominfo Competitors

Here are 2 use cases of clients who have used Ascentrik Research and found it to be one of the best alternatives to Zoominfo

Use Case- Building Targeted Lists for Niche Categories

Many clients have found Ascentrik’s custom research to be the best option when faced with the challenge of building targeted lists for niche industries or job titles. Such data is not easily available in online databases as it is not in high demand.

Since Ascentrik’s data is not scraped but freshly sourced, we have an edge over other data vendors. We use human processes for access to niche audiences, combined with automation for speed and scale, therefore we can source the most relevant and hard-to-find information.

Use Case- Solving Ineffective Email Marketing Campaigns through Data Cleansing

When working with various data vendors, companies have found that after an email campaign, analytics show a lot of bounced emails, unsubscribes and emails flagged as spam. The company’s resources are wasted on fruitless campaigns and lead generation, while deal closures decrease. Marketing messages are sent to the wrong people, and sales professionals waste their time trying to reach prospects who aren’t sales ready.

The best way to reduce the number of bounced emails is through data validation and verification processes. Here various checks are done on email addresses like checking email syntax, email address format, and structure of an email address to ensure it is correctly entered and follows the standard rules. Deliverability checks to confirm if an email address exists, and if it is non-toxic. It includes checking the DNS records, and simulating sending an email without actually delivering it.

Unsubscribes and spam flagging happens when the email was sent to an irrelevant person. The process of data enrichment helps to segment leads into the right categories so that relevant messages can be sent to them. Double opt-ins add another layer of information to determine consent.

In conclusion, most users looking for alternatives to Zoominfo are looking for better pricing options, or better data accuracy results. Zoominfo is one of the most popular tools which has over the years turned into a GTM platform providing data and intelligence to marketing and sales teams. But for more customisation and accuracy, you will need a team of data researchers, working all through your campaigns, while providing you with flexible pricing options to suit your needs.

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